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Medea is a classic Greek tragedy that tells the tale of a strong woman and her plan for revenge on her lying, cheating husband. It questions traditional gender roles and raises some interesting questions that I'm sure will make for some heated discussions in class!

As you read the play, there are 4 discussion threads below you are to answer. Answer only the ones for your class period. (You might have to click "view all" at the bottom of the page to see all of them.) Try answering the question before you read the other responses. Then go back and reply to at least 2 other people. Remember, to reply to a thread or any "sub-threads" started by your classmates, make sure you click "reply" under the post you are responding to and NOT by clicking "Post a new thread."

I think you will enjoy this play; it's one of my favorites. It's not easy, but hang in there, it's worth it!

Introductory Assignment
Get started by reading two overviews of the play and learning some of the background knowledge essential to understanding the plot. Click here for the first one and here for the second site. On the second site, be sure to check out the commentary page as well. Also, read the intro in the front of your book. The more you understand the background info, the easier the play will be to understand. Have this done before you start reading. (That means do it tonight.)

Test your knowledge by playing the Medea Game!

Reading Assignment
You must have the play finished and all of the discussion threads answered by 2/11. Bring the book to class with you every day.
Here is the reading schedule for the first two weeks:
1/25 - Background reading due (see above)
1/27 - First 8 pages due
1/31 - Through page 15 due
2/3 - Through page 24 due

Vocabulary Assignment

You must fill in the vocabulary packet as you read. Each reading section has accompanying vocabulary words. You will be tested on the words each time you complete a section of reading. The tests will be cumulative; each test will include ALL words covered to that point.
Here is the vocabulary quiz schedule for the first two weeks:
1/28 - First 12 words
2/1 - First 36 words
2/4 - First 60 words

Medea on Trial
We will be working in groups to put Medea on trial. You will be assigned to either the prosecuting team or the defense. Refer to this website for specific instructions. The only differences for our class will be:
  • We will skip step six. Instead, use this website to familiarize yourself with the process of a mock trial.
  • We will be modifying step seven to include a peer jury.
  • I will give you a list of roles that need to be filled for each side and you will decide as a group who you think is best suited for each task.
  • Some of the links provided on the assignment site do not work properly. Use the ones below to supplement your research. (Not all of them are accessible from the RHS server.)
Check out these links for information on Medea's state of mind and criminal law:
Medea's State of Mind and Criminal Law
People vs. Medea
Psychoanalysis of Medea
The Nurse describes Medea's state of mind
Medea character analysis
Another character analysis of Medea
Women Who Kill
Andrea Yates Case
Another Good Case Study from Bethany

Check out these sites for information about courtroom procedures:
Courtroom Protocol
Guideline for attorneys
Mock Trial Procedures
Rules of Evidence and Procedures
A long, but really good over view of mock trials in schools
Courtroom Survival Guide -added by Venjo
Criminal Law Center - added by Amber

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